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Why... More Effective Salesforce Implementations

Since 2004 - the our teams have delivered Salesforce solutions for sales, marketing, finance, customer service, operations, project management, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, legal, product development, and more.

Your assigned an implementation team of experienced business executives and Salesforce specialists will advise you on the most cost-efficient way to achieve your Salesforce goals. We'll challenge your business processes to deliver a solution that will be enthusiastically adopted by your team and provide you with the Key Performance Indicators to manage your resources.

With our focus on targeted and measurable goals using an agile and iterative methodology, you get quick wins and continuous improvement of your results.

Our team creates cutting edge solutions... Voice Activated Solutions! 

"Hey Focus" -Hands Free Salesforce

With ground breaking, voice-to-text technology, noise cancellation engines, and dynamic field mapping,

FOCUS increases Salesforce adoption, improves productivity, and makes it easy to record value-filled information on client interactions.

FOCUS is an application that runs on iOS and Android mobile phones.

It allows authorized users to connect to the FOCUS service running in their Salesforce org.

We take all the POWER of Salesforce...

...and create EASY to USE solutions!